Harvard Medical School
Office for Diversity & Community Partnership

The Office for Diversity & Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School reached out to me to help them design and produce their training program directory. The challenge was the coming up with a way to extract volumes of information from their vast databases to create the actual content for the book. 

Once the general book formatting page content had been blocked out, I worked with a HMS staff member who was able to cull the necessary information I needed in a specific order and tag each piece of data with specific style tags I had developed.

Creating scripts and a step-by-step process for InDesign, I was able to import volumes of information and simultaneously format it. While most of the magic happened during import, it still required some minor tweaking for content flow and manual placement of imagery to get everything just right. 

This was a fun but challenging project. It gave me the opportunity to flex my brain a bit more than usual and embrace my analytical side. 

Roles: Art direction, design, production