Greater Boston Business Council

Storytellers Campaign

As a member of The Greater Boston Business Council (GBBC) back in 2003, I led a re-brand initiative as part of an effort to revitalize the GBBC’s perceived stagnant image through print, web, and multimedia. The goal was to reflect a renewed commitment to the community. A cross-section of 12 members were chosen to tell their story, share their thoughts on why and how the GBBC had a positive impact on their professional networking and business development, and become part of a photo shoot to represent the “faces” of this not-for-profit organization.

Capturing the behind the scenes of the photo shoot and interviews with each of the participants, proved to be a fun experience for everyone and it shows in the piece. Blending footage with the finished campaign boards used to display at GBBC events and setting it to the tune of “Something to Believe” by Linder Eder, truly invigorated the membership when it was showcased at the 2003 GBBC Annual Awards for Excellence.

Additionally, I refreshed their visual identity through a series of print and web collateral. Learn more about that here.

Roles: Art direction, identity, design, production, video